Wednesday, July 16, 2008

These are fondant flowers that I made in my second "Gumpaste Flowers" Class on Monday night. The second pic is of the Superman cake that I made for MsBlingBling's hubby.

Oh, and the scale is down 3 lbs so far. Hopefully it's a good weigh in on Friday :O)


Phoenixrising said...

WOW!!! Cute superman cake!!! Very nicely done! Your tulips turned out awesome hey!?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Those flowers look real.


Anonymous said...

i totally want you to make a cake for me ... they look so awesome ! :)

thenewsarahsundae said...

Love the cakes. You're very talented.

Good luck on the WI this week!!

MsBlingBling said...

The Superman cake tasted as good as it looks.

Next cake...October for our anniversary!

Christine in Coquitlam said...

Wow, that takes talent! where are you going to start taking orders?