Friday, July 11, 2008

OMG, my weigh in was SO terrible today! I'm not sure why...but I was up 6.7 lbs! THAT'S INSANE! I've lowered my points for now. I think it's because I haven't been earning as many AP's as I usually do :O(

Here's a cake I did last night. It's a frozen strawberry cake I had kickin' around in the freezer and wanted to use up. Plus I had leftover icing, and I wanted to try making the apple blossoms out of marshmallow fondant to see how it would turn out.


Anonymous said...


Your cakes are so beautful. You really are talented:)!

I am sure you will lose those pounds.

I know you hear it all the time but you are so inspiring. I think about your progress everytime I have to resist temptation or when I dont want to exercise.

I know I am corny and I am sure you are sick of my words.


MizFit said...

the cake? SO AMAZING!!
the weigh in? you'll have that sometimes huh?


if youre in my 'hood on monday stop by as we're (the royal. the Bumbling Band) doing some mid year FUN goalsetting.

(including the words BITE ME)


Anonymous said...

So this week I started eatng my AP and I didnt gain or lose. I didnt even eat all the ones I earned... do u eat your ap's? I feel like im working so hard to burn off everything i ate then when i get through working out and eat some of my AP's and then it defeats the purpose??

Shrunk said...

Heather, I always eat every single AP that I earn. There was a time that I didn't and it caused me to hit a plateau. I eat all my flex as well.

Natsop, I'd never get sick of your kind words. You're a sweetheart!

JER29ELEVEN said...

I'm sorry to hear about your gain. I know it will come off. You're very good at beating that scale! :)

Phoenixrising said...

You really are an inspiration! Don't let a few pounds get you down! YOu look fabulous, and are an amazing person to boot... I'm sure you'll knock those few pounds into next tuesday!!! :)

Cute cake!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

These cakes are really wonderful. Me, i eat all i want but i make sure i always follow my fitness cards even 10 minutes per day.