Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looks like tomorrow I have to go and get some fluid (seroma) drained from my belly. My tummy is numb, so I won't feel it, and I'm not in any pain just pretty swollen. Ah well, tis life!


Megilon said...

Take care of yourself! It sounds like things are progressing well though.

Born to Run said...

Good luck! You're doing really well.


claire said...

Can you email me at littlemis at comcast dot net? My daughter also has a seroma on her belly after hernia repair surgery. Her surgeon has refused to drain it, but it's become problematic and doesn't seem to be absorbing like he said it would. She looks 9 months pregnant. I'd like to know more about your situation (if you care to share) and any advice you might have for my daughter. (She's 29.)