Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I am copying and pasting my email to Shirls aka Happychix, just to make things easier for me right now.

I had a really bad panic attack at the surgical center this morning. I almost fainted on them (both my surgeons reached out to grab me). I had to sit down and was pale and dripping with sweat. It lasted about 20 mins, but as soon as I stepped into the operating room, I was good to go. The surgery lasted 4 hrs. I was super itchy for 1.5 hrs afterwards from the meds, but I felt (and still feel) GREAT! The staff was surprised at how well I am doing. I worked my butt off to be in the best health possible for this surgery, and it's looking like it's paying off. I expect to be more sore later, but right now I am feeling no pain. They have me bandaged up for both my tummy and my breasts. So I'm not in a compression garment or surgical bra yet. At my one week post-op appointment, they will remove the bandages and I will start to wear my garments.

I know that I was a total wreck for the two weeks leading up to the surgery. I only slept 45 minutes last night, but now I see how silly it was to fret so much because everything went great, and I am pleased as punch!


Pencil Skirt Bound said...

I think you rock! I've been reading along for awhile now! Boo on those negative nelly's!

Keep your chin up!