Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm getting so sick of wearing this stupid compression garment. It's seriously making me miserable! It's so snug, and I'm so swollen, and I feel itchy, and bitchy and UGH! I just want to take it off!!!!!!! Before I go CRAZ-Y! I did manage to get it on all by myself after my shower tonight though. That's the first time that I haven't needed Dh's help.

I still have the Phlebitis going on too, to top it all off :oS


Unknown said...

Hello Im so happy that ur surgery went well! Sorry to hear about the phlebitis. I have been followin your blog since mid summer and I was curious other than the obvious exircise, what else helped you loose weight?

Michelle said...

Hi there, I've just started reading your blog and finding it very inspiring. I can imagine what you're going through right now is really hard, so I wish you the best, so far from what I've read, you're a tough lady and you'll get through it. Take care of yourself and know that you're inspiring others!