Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I'm still doing great, and I've been out of surgery 6.5 hours now. The drive home was a breeze. My hubby kept going "are you ok" every time he went around a corner, or over a bump, or put on the brakes and I was honestly completely fine. I didn't need to hold a pillow over my tummy. Then I got home, and stood in my driveway talking to my neighbour for 15 mins. I've been in my recliner ever since on my phone and laptop. I'm tired (sleepy), but otherwise fine! I will have a nap soon, but first I'm going to get up and stretch my legs a bit.

I've been taking pics, but I'm not going to start posting any until after my 1 week post-op when they remove my bandages and there will actually be something to see.