Monday, January 07, 2008

I found another old photo of me. This one is from 2 yrs ago. I almost feel sick to my stomache when I see this. If this doesn't help me to stay motivated with my workouts, nothing will :OP


Or how about this one...

Or this one? YUCK!


Crystal said...

Question, during those times that those photos were taken did you see yourself that way or did you have a false image in your head? Like when you look at them now are you shocked or did you know you looked that way? I hope this is coming out right!

Anyways the reason I ask is because when I go back and look at old photos of me, my befores ... I am shocked and surprised. For whatever reason when I was at my heaviest I didn't really see myself THAT size ... it was like I had this false image of myself, like I was tricking myself into believing I wasn't as big as I actually was.

You definitely are an amazing inspiration ... and I'm sure you already know this but man do you ever fucking ROCK :)

Shrunk said...

Omg Crystal, I NEVER saw myself as that large...and neither did my family and friends. Now, when I look back I feel disgusted. It honestly makes me sick to my stomache. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to offend anyone who is overweight, but I think I look SO gross.

One the other hand, now that I am smaller I constantly get the "you're SOOOOOO thin" comments, and I just don't get that either. I don't think I'm "so thin", just normal size with a pooch ;o)

TinyTrim said...

Oh, I so know what you guys are talking about. I'm the same way. I look at the old pictures of myself and I think, "good god, did I really look like that???" I just cringe inside.

Oh, and Shrunk - thanks so much for visiting yesterday and leaving such lovely comments! And thanks also for the link back. I'm honoured! :)

Cat said...

I know exactly how you feel! I found it REALLY hard to post those pics though on my blog, so I'm giving you HUGE props for posting those. It's so hard, because I never saw myself as that overweight either when I was at my highest...and now 50lbs down, I'm having the opposite thoughts, I see pics of myself now...and all I see is how overweight i stil am....It's such a mental battle, and you must be so proud of yourself for winning....

Great job!

PS- The blonde bride with the veil at the end of the Bulging Brides commercial (when they're saying what time the show is on and what channel)is my best friends wife! I was the 'best woman' in their wedding and I might be on the show too! We did a night of drinks and food, and then a surprise Cardio Striptease early the next morning...

Shrunk said...

Omg, really? I will be watching for you on the show. How exciting!

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

i think you were "hawt" in the before and the after shots ..its the mischief in your eyes i guess lol!! Regardless, thanks for posting the shots..mighty brave of you, although we knew that about you already didn't we?

katieo said...

Those are crazy! It's really hard to believe it's even you.

(and I had to watch the commercial twice but I really did see you the second time, that's so cool!)

Martalu said...

There's no questions that you are one HOTTT momma now! But seriously? That is one adorable baby on your hip!

You are a total inspiration to me. Whenever I don't feel like working out, I think about my favorite bloggers, and I just freaking do it!

Anonymous said...

That second pic (with the bleached hair), I had never seen.
It's the most striking I think.
The third one you look super nice
First one I already commented.
I remember it clearly.

But that second one you look the biggest I think.

I don't remember you being "that big" ya know, to follow up on your response (re : If you saw yourself so big).
Now that I see the before/after, I see it, but when you were in the before stage, I didn't notice really. I thought you were chunky is all.
Not FAT.
Weird eh.

Sonya said...

Damn, I would never even have thought those were you!

I hope that when I reach my goal people will say the same thing about me!

Congrats girl, you are an inspiration!!!!

Lucas said...

Just found your blog and you have made an amazing transformation! I find it so inspiring and I want to thank you for posting your before pics. It's brave but also really motivating for your readers. Congrats! You look mahvolous dahling!