Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I had an extremely busy day, and I'm a little sore from yesterdays workout. I just sat down for dinner at 10pm with 16 pts left. So, I'm taking the day off from exercise, and I'm going to bed as soon as I figure out how to finish off these points. I'm thinkin' an ice cream sundae :O)

Anddddd, I'd like to give a WARM WELCOME BACK to my beautiful friend Jen who has been off plan for several months now. She was one of my main support people during my weight loss journey. She checked in on me faithfully for all my WI's. It was often her words of encouragement that got me through the week. I will never forget the way she cheered me on, and I'm hoping to return the favour now as she is BACK ON TRACK and READY TO KICK SOME ASS. You can check out her BLOG HERE. Jen I'm rootin' for ya! Just like I always have! You can do this, I know you can!


Jen said...

MMM, Ice cream sundae! What better way to spend the poins???

I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad Jen came back!!! She is awesome and we are all rooting for her!!! I knew she would be back!!!

TinyTrim said...

I love it when I have loads of points left over for the day and can spend it on something like ice cream. Of course, it doesn't happen too often, teehee!

Anonymous said...

I just checked out your friend Jen's blog.
She is gorgeous, and seems SO focused.
It's nice that you guys have a kind of circle now, i enjoy looking at the other gals' blogs.

Yay for Jen


marie said...

Thanks for letting us know Jen came back! I'm sooooo thrilled!

Amy said...

Hey there... great blog! For some stupid reason I could never read your old one on my work computer.