Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm keeping up the activity. I think I'm going to earn 28 AP's my first week back in the game! This is too cool! Today I did 50 mins of high intensity cardio at the gym, and half an hour of Strength Training. That totals 24 AP's for the week so far, with tomorrow being the last day. I MUST get 4 AP's in tomorrow!

If I do it...I will reward myself with a Lulu Remix or Reverse Hoodie ;o) Aren't I terrible? I reallllly like those hoodie's though!

Oh, and tomorrow's the BIG DAY! Sarah's show Bulging Brides airs tomorrow, and I'm super stoked. Just praying that they don't show me pole dancing with her because I am SOooooo not graceful. Mostly I am looking forward to seeing the WW Girls. Sarah is having everyone over for a PAR-TAY, it'll be loads of fun! I'll try to take pics while I'm there.


marie said...

I have two of those hoodies and LIVE IN THEM. I totally understand :)

Get thee to the outlet though!!

Enjoy the party :)

Crystal said...

I'm so going to watch Bulging Brides ... I made sure to tell Liam so that hopefully he'll remind me tonight. I'm horrible for reemembering to watch certain TV shows!

Also wicked job on the APs ... you're an exercising machine :)

Jaime said...

God woman, you are a machine!! hehe, but I support your love of the hoodie. I'm already looking at ordering another one online. :)

I so want to see Sarah's show. I've been waiting forever right along with you guys! But this stupid hotel doesn't get Slice!!

Hopefully they repeat it (as they usually do with those shows) so I can catch it in our new house on our new HUGE TV. :)

Anonymous said...

I darnit I wanted to see the show.
It doesn't air all the way here eh...
I never heard of this show.

I bet you guys had a BLAST seeing yourselves there on the tube, must have been so weird/unreal.

Anne said...

Way to rock the APs!!

Have fun tonight, I will watch the show and look out for you.