Friday, January 04, 2008

Today is the day that I get my ass back in gear. I am switching my weigh in days to Friday, and I am going for a run today (as I promised Toby Lyn from the GDT). If things go well this next month, I will sign myself up for the 10K Sun Run in mid-April. I think that's enough time to whip myself back into shape. Setting a goal should help me to stay on track. I need something to motivate me to exercise because it is so hard to stick with it when you are not gaining from lack of activity. It is important to me to be healthy, and KEEP MOVING. For those of you who haven't already checked out Antonia's Blog Broadsides, check it out in my links to the right. Her most recent post titled "The Other F-Word" is seriously motivating :O)


Vanessa said...

You should be able to get in shape for that run no problem :). You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Woooooo...this is fun. I don't believe have ever left you a comment. I really love looking at your blog as when I started out we were approximately the same weight...I was 290 but shorter than you...therefore bigger too. Anyhow I have been up, down and all around and am so happy to see you maintaining your loss. You are such an inspiration. I am from the WW board by the way, my user name is THISISIT2007.

Antonia Z said...

Thanks Honey!

I started today (Friday) as well and will make that my WI day. I think that's better than Monday because it's easier to stay OP during the week than the weekends and so Friday can be my lightest day. It's a motivation to stay good through the weekend.


Good luck.

marie said...

hahaha..we're all friday now.

Here's to a PB for you at the Sun Run this year!!! ...and maybe a half? ;)

Sonya said...

Welcome back, it sounds like you're ready to kick a little ass!
Go you!!!

Anonymous said...

I read Antonia's blog like you mentioned.
She's brilliant.

I also checked out the other links on your site, all dynamite women like you.

Hugs for getting your butt back in gear.

Your forever admirer and friend.