Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, I'm sad to admit that I didn't get those 4 AP's that I wanted to yesterday. So I only made 24 AP's for the week. Another thing I'm a little choked about is my "digital devil" as Mousearoo calls it. It has been telling me I'm 150 lbs all week. Well today was my *new* WI day so I have to accept what the scale says, I'm 150 lbs and that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE in Shrunk's World. I don't wanna be 150-nuthin'. Yes, yes...I know, I've been working out all week and it's my first week back, and I'm likely retaining water, blah blah blah...WHATEVER! I'm dropping my points to losing, and knocking off 5 lbs. TAKE THAT DIGITAL DEVIL!

Today's AP's = 5 (30mins running and 30 mins strength training)

OH, and I've uploaded a newer, better version of the Bulging Brides show. It's in Mpeg so better quality, and the end isn't cut off like in the previous one (Thanks Nev). I just replaced the one down below with the new one.


marie said...

I think our scales are in cahoots.

They always seem to be around the same weight at the same time...too bad i'm like 4 inches shorter though :(

I'm sure we'll kick their asses next week though ;)

TinyTrim said...

Teehee! I love the name "digital devil!" Very apropos.

Kick that devil's butt. You can do it!